FlightScope Mevo Plus 2023 Review by

Sean Ogle from Breaking Eighty recently created a comprehensive video review about the upgrades made to the Mevo Plus this year. The review delves into the specifics of the launch monitor, highlighting its continued improvements and overall value for golf enthusiasts.

In the video it is mentioned that the FlightScope application is highly intuitive, presenting a wealth of information in an easily navigable format. It also syncs with the Apple Watch, allowing for convenient club selection right from your wrist.

He uses the Mevo plus on a regular basis both indoors and outdoors and he found that the setup has to be precise to help the radar be as accurate as possible. He explains the easiest and best way he has found to do the setup.

Another essential upgrade discussed is the Fusion Tracking technology, initially available only on the high-end X3 device. This feature combines Doppler radar with camera technology for more accurate results.

During the video he expresses the following about the Mevo +: “I personally believe, at this point, it is the best value in golf.”

Watch the video below for the full review.

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