Mevo+ vs SkyTrak review by

Mevo+ vs SkyTrak review by

Eric Moore

In this video, compares the Mevo+ to a SkyTrak. An in-depth review is done by the host as he compares the two launch monitors by analyzing their setup, the environments they work in, budget needed, reliability and warranty, applications and software, data parameters, misses and delays.

The reviewer works with both of these launch monitors regularly and he has an in-depth understanding of how to get the best results out of them.

In the setup and environment section of the video, it is mentioned that the SkyTrak is able to function in a very small area indoors. The Mevo+ needs 7-9 feet sensor to tee distance with 13 feet of ball flight recommended. Metallic stickers should also be used indoors.

According to the reviewer, Mevo+ fares much better outdoors than SkyTrak does. SkyTrak struggles in direct sunlight and when hitting off of grass.

In the budget section of the review, it is mentioned that the prices are very similar to each other, but the Mevo+ does not have an annual subscription which the SkyTrak has.

In the reliability and warranty section, he mentions that SkyTrak has a six-month warranty and the Mevo+ has a twelve-month warranty. He rates both of the units to be reliable.

Both of the golf trackers come with iOS and Android applications. The Mevo+ comes with a free iOS mobile version of the E6 Simulation software. SkyTrak users have to pay a $100 a year subscription to use simulation software. Full golf simulator packages are available for purchase on both of the golf tracker units.

Both launch monitors have very similar data parameters that they provide to their clients. Mevo+ does provide angle of attack and spin loft which SkyTrak does not offer.

In the misses and delay section of the video, the reviewer points out that he has experienced misses on both of the golf launch monitors. Since the creation of this video, FlightScope has released firmware updates that addresses the issue of missed shots. In the delay department, the Mevo+ does well; it has a delay of less than half a second. The SkyTrak takes longer than this, about two seconds or more, depending on how robust your PC is.

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