How Fast should you Swing Your Driver?

How Fast should you Swing Your Driver?

FlightScope Mevo LLC

The online golf coaches from Me and My Golf use the Mevo+ in a very interesting experiment where they see what effect it has on a golf shot when you swing at lower speeds with your driver.

In the video, Andy Proudman explains that he had to swing his driver at 50% speed because of a wrist injury that he was recovering from. He played a round of golf with what felt to him as a much lower swing speed. The interesting result was that he did not lose much distance on the shots with his driver, but his control and accuracy improved dramatically.

The idea behind the experiment is to measure what happens to his golf shot when he feels as if he is hitting the driver at 50% and at higher percentages. The end goal of the experiment is to learn what kind of driver shot you should play in different situations on the golf course. In other words: should your normal driver shot be hit at 80% feel in order to hit the fairways more often? Should you hit the driver at 50% when hitting towards a very narrow fairway?

In the video, Andy hits a few shots at different intensity levels to figure out what his normal shot should be. He uses the data from the launch monitor to measure his club head speed and compare it to how fast he feels he is swinging the club. He also uses the Mevo+ to keep track of the shot accuracy and how well he is making contact with the ball.

The presenters of the show are golf professionals, and on a regular basis they get the question of how hard should you hit your shots? They set this experiment up to demonstrate how you are able to figure the answer out, for yourself, by using a FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor.

A very interesting insight from the experiment is that the quickest swing speed does not translate into the best/longest shot necessarily. Watch the video for some tips and tricks on how to use the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor to help improve your golf game.